Turkish Higher Education & Üsküdar University

Turkey attracts the attention of students in universities with a world class education model.

Turkey has gained significant momentum in university education in recent years. Foundation universities opened in the city centers as well as public universities have started to take the place of the world's leading educational institutions with the ease of transportation and the quality of education offered.

Turkey's Higher Education Board, the scientific and educational partnerships with universities from different countries with the support of great momentum in university education through the Erasmus program have won.

Promotional support programs offered abroad by the Ministry, government and more students began to choose to study in universities in Turkey for training in different regions in the world with scholarships and accommodation facilities provided by private institutions. With the increase in educational institutions and education level, the number of international students continues to increase every year.

Cooperation with the world's prestigious universities

Üsküdar University's Bologna process is based on the exchange program with different universities from many countries.

"Brain Initiative" project of Turkey Representation

Üsküdar University has been working on the Brain Initiative since 2015. The only university presenters in place the G20 Summit in Turkey Üsküdar University, the brain of the unknown secrets, autism, schizophrenia, Parkinson's disease, for the development of treatment explored of major diseases such as Alzheimer's Obama's 2013 launched the Brain Initiative (Brain Initiative) Project, Turkey is acting as a representative. He closely follows and works with his students in this field.

Application partnership with NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital

NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital, which provides services with general hospital facilities focused on brain diseases, provides attention with its multidisciplinary approach in the fields of psychiatry, psychology and neurology as well as being one of the most important centers in the world with its services focused on the brain area and providing general hospital facilities. In Üsküdar University, career planning and orientation of students are done while they are still in school. While students get world class education at a specialized university, they have practice, internship and career opportunities in NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital, NP Feneryolu and NP Etiler Medical Centers.