Equivalency Certificate

Equivalence, or Denklik in Turkish, is an official letter issued by the Turkish authorities. Its purpose is to certify the international students’ high school diplomas and courses as equal to those of Turkey. As the international students admission in the Turkish universities depend on the high school success of the students, it is a compulsory document to provide.

How to Obtain Equivalence:

Stage 1. Where to Get It From?

Out of Turkey: The certificate can be issued by the Turkish embassies in the foreign countries.

In Turkey: The certificate can be obtained from the provincial Ministry of National Education Offices.

Stage 2. How to Get It?

In order to apply for Equivalence, the student first needs to create an appointment from the e-denklik portal, which can be found via the following link: https://edenklik.meb.gov.tr . The student needs to upload the necessary documents to the system and have the originals with them when they go do the center to receive their certificate.

Stage 3. What Do I Need For It?

The Documents Required For Equivalence:

  • Application Form
  • A clear file bag

For Turkish Citizens;

  • The original and the copy of identity card.
  • The original and the copy of the passport page with photo.
  • The copy of stamped pages displaying entry-exit dates.

For Foreign Citizens;

  • The original and the copies of the residence permit in Turkey or the education visa.
  • The original and the copy of the passport page with photo.

Note: It is important that the passport is not expired and if it does during the evaluation the student should provide both the new and the old passports to the Office.

For non-graduates;

  • The original and the copy of report card or transcript of the latest grade.

For graduates;

  • The original and the copy of apostilled diploma and transcript.

For detailed official guides and information, see the following link: https://edenklik.meb.gov.tr/?culture=en-US

Stage 3. When to Bring It?

The University needs the students Equivalence during registration. It is advised to acquire it from the home country before traveling to Turkey, or at least take the online appointment for it, if it has to be taken in Turkey. The University, for some cases, may give the students a deadline for them to deliver the document after the registration, but if the certificate is not delivered within the given time, the students registration will be cancelled.


  1. This document must be provided by the student to the University just like their passport or diploma and it is the proof that the student is eligible to study in Turkey in general. That is why, it is within the responsibility of the students to acquire it.
  2. Equivalence application can be made through most of the local offices of the Ministry if they are shown in the system. The Office in Fatih being the main office of Istanbul, located in: Eski Toptaşı Caddesi Eski Adliye Binası D:1, 34122 Sultanahmet/Fatih/İstanbul. In cases of conflict, the students can apply to the main Provincial Office in Turkey.
  3. It will always be better for the student to goes to the Office early in the day (the shift begins around 08:00 A.M.
  4. Since the Office may keep the original documents through the evaluation in some cases, it is advised for the students to acquire the submission receipt from the officers.
  5. The diploma should be with apostille, in the absence of apostille, it must be approved by the ministry of education, the ministry of foreign affairs or the embassies.