Mission and Vision


To be a University contributing in the socio-economic and cultural structure of the country, providing educational and research facilities at the international level, especially in the fields of science, health, tourism, history and cultural resource management.

To consider a natural, cultural, economic and social requirements and possess an important position in our country; to be a pioneering and model university contributing to urban and regional development through high-quality and high-tech educational, training, research and application programs.

To create scientific activities that engage in providing solutions mainly to the health problems of humanity and especially the people of our region through developing high-quality academic programs and utilizing resources in the most efficient manner.

To be a participatory, researching, science producing university that values the Turkey's touristic, agricultural, social and economic assets with the natural and cultural resources that are possesed.


To work with similar methods towards common goals in various disciplines like Mind-Body health and diseases, Medicine, Genetics, Social and Bioengineering Sciences, Basic Sciences, Spiritual Science, Family Counseling; to produce Science and Service, and to train qualified people.

To protect and improve mental health of our people and community through a holistic approach in the fields of history, culture, social, and health.

To develop high-quality education, training, research, and application programs supported by the usage of people-oriented technology that target the issues related to the modern human.

To become a leading, ideal, universal university that adds value to regional development and ensure participation.

To provide education and training in line with the European Union and the global standards.