Üsküdar University has been established officially with the Certificate of Incorporation, published in the Official Gazette, on the 3rd March, 2011. This document, thereby, is the declaration to the public in terms of the University’s formation purposes, vision, mission, strategic objectives, corporate values, and quality standards.

The Purpose of Corporation

Specializing in Behavior Health and Sciences to perform all the groundwork necessary for the production of knowledge, projects, and academic subjects, to raise funds for this production, to organize partnerships, and to train qualified individuals.

The Innovations Introduced

A thematic University in the field of Behavior Health and Sciences.

Under the doctrine of “Integrated approach from Mathematics to Philosophy, from Social Sciences to Health Sciences” with the multidisciplinary approach by implementing the methods of Bioengineering, Brain Imaging, Neuroscience, Genetics, Information Science, Sociology, Psychology, Theology, Communication Science, the realization of the vision of good service to human health, community's mental health and production of the projects and trained staff.

Basic Values

  • Respects all human values,
  • Depends on universal law, national laws, universal and scientific values,
  • Open to change and innovation,
  • Environmentally sensitive,
  • Focusing on raising students to a high standard,
  • Be a pioneer that provides added value and participation to regional development, an example approach from a universal perspective,
  • No discrimination in religion, language, race, nationality, gender, color, thought,
  • Adopts critical thinking, freedom, pluralistic and participatory values,
  • Protects the basic values of society, keeps the social interest in the foreground and sensitive to the social problems,
  • Have the principles of equality, reliability, rationalism, where scientific and critical thinking are the primary and ethical values are the first,
  • Seeks, collects, transfers, preserves information, follows a method that achieves perfection in research, production, sharing and dissemination,
  • Keeps transparency and accountability in activities,
  • Strives to be the science center of Turkish citizens who attach utmost importance to international relations and live abroad in Turkey,
  • Supports the accession process to the European Union without losing the Turkish basic values to reach the level of contemporary civilizations,
  • We are a university that ensures business satisfaction of the scientific and administrative staff and continuously develops.

International Relations Department of Üsküdar University

As the Department of International Relations, our primary duty is to ensure that our students from all over the world have access to the highest quality education and training services. Relevant applications made through our application system are evaluated by our specialists. Our processes include acceptance letters, visa support, final registration, University integration process and obtaining residence permit, starting from the first contact of students with our University. In this way, all students who want to study in Turkey are guided within the scope of the relevant legislation. In addition to the international student admission processes, our department is responsible for the world-wide recognition of our University, its promotion and the regulation of its relations with relevant institutions.