Residence Permit

Residence Permit

Students enrolled at Üsküdar University are obliged to acquire a student residence permit as per the Law on Foreigners and International Protection. The student residence permit gives you the right to stay in Türkiye during your study period. All international students, regardless of their status, are required to apply for the student residence permit within their legal stay. To do this, students are required to make an online residence permit application from the following web site After completing the application they need to submit the required files to the International Office within the same week. It is the students’ responsibility to prepare all the documents listed below and submit them on time! Every student has to check the Immigration Office’s official website and follow the updates about Law on Foreigners and International Protection via the following link:  

How to Apply for a Residence Permit?

You have to complete the final registration process at Üsküdar University and apply for residence before your legal stay ends. Otherwise, you may face serious problems. After the final registration you can start to collect the documents written below;

Required Documents for the Student Residence Permit Application

  1. 4 biometric headshot photographs.


  1. Health Insurance:

The policy should be valid for at least one year from the time of residence permit application obtained, and must be made from an insurance company in Türkiye (*international insurance obtained abroad is not accepted if it can’t be validated here).


  1. Application Form:

An online application can be made from There are 3 types of applications.


  1. First Application: Who can apply for the First Application?
  1. Students applying for the residence permit for the first time.
  2. Students, whose previous residence permit has expired/rejected.


  1. Renewal Application: Who can apply for Renewal Application?
    1. Students, whose residence permit hasn’t expired yet. Students can apply for renewal earliest 60 days before the expiry date. (Please do not miss the renewal period)


  1. Transfer Application: Who can apply for the Transfer Application?


    1. Those who have a valid short term or long-term permits, after becoming an active student have to apply for a transfer application.
    2. Students whose student status will be over soon by graduating, have to apply for a short-term permit.


  1. Fingerprint ID:

(This step must be completed before submitting your papers to the university.)

After completing the online residence permit application, the student needs to complete the fingerprint process. There are 2 ways of giving fingerprints:


  1. By going to the Immigration Offices (without needing an appointment);
    1. Immigration office centers where you can go for fingerprint:
  • İstanbul İl Göç İdaresi Müdürlüğü (Fatih)
  • Kumkapı Koordinasyon Merkezi
  • Sultanbeyli İlçe Çalışma Grubu Başkanlığı
  • Pendik İlçe Çalışma Grubu Başkanlığı
  • Esenyurt İlçe Çalışma Grubu Başkanlığı



  1. By going to mobile vehicles that will be sent to certain points on certain dates and times (the students will be informed about the dates).


  • This step must be completed even if you have already provided fingerprints on your previous applications. You need to follow these steps in order to receive your fingerprint ID.
  • Application form, student certificate and passport must be present while giving fingerprint.


  1. Residence Permit Card Fee Payment Receipt:


In 2024 this amount is 565₺. It can be paid by:


  1. Going to any Tax Office (in this case, after the payment original tax payment receipt should be submitted)
  2. Online from the webpage is: (in this case submitting the PDF document of the payment proof after the payment has been made is sufficent)
  3. Tax Number (can be taken from


  1. Passport ID Page Copy (Data Page):

The page needs to include all your ID information, be sure that all the information is visible.


  • If you are renewing your passport without leaving Türkiye, you should get it approved at the consulate when it arrives in Istanbul.
  1. Visa Page (or the page with the stamp of last entry to Türkiye):

Be sure that the visa page is clear and visible to add your file.


  1. If your country does not require a visa to enter Türkiye, a copy of the entry stamp would be sufficient.
  2. If you are entering with an electronic visa, a printout of the electronic visa will be required.


  1. Previous residence permit copies:

If you are applying for renewal, the front and back sides of your previous residence permit copies should be included in your file.


  1. Original Student Certificate in Turkish:

For your application to be accepted, it is required to be an active student.


  1. If you are applying for the first time The Student Certificate should be obtained from Student Affairs. It should be with the original signature, stamp and new date on it.
  2. If you’re applying for a renewal The Student Certificate can also be obtained from E-Devlet, under the heading of “Öğrenci Belgesi Sorgulama”.


  1.  Transcripts:

If you are applying for a renewal application, your transcripts of the previous study years should be included in your file.


  1. The Transcript can be obtained from Student Affairs and it should be with the original signature, stamp and new date on it.
  2. The Transcript can also be obtained from E-Devlet, under the heading of “Transkript Belgesi Sorgulama”.


  1. Address Notification:

The students who are applying for the first time need to register their active address to the Immigration Office.

  1. Title Deed (Tapu): If you are staying in your own home, a copy of the title deed,
  • For renewal applications, "certificate of residence (yerleşim yeri belgesi)" from E-Devlet is sufficient.


  1. Rental Contract: If staying with a rental contract a notarized copy of the rental contract (the homeowner/authorized person should be present)
  2. Dormitories: If staying in student dormitories, proof of residence in the dormitory (if not barcoded/QR coded, signature circular/tax plate/certificate of operation must be included),
  3. Commitment (Taahhütname): If staying with a sponsor, a notarized commitment from the sponsor (if the sponsor is married, a notarized commitment also from the spouse),
  • If the sponsor is a Turkish citizen, "certificate of residence (yerleşim yeri belgesi), birth registration sample (vukuatlı nüfus kayıt örneği) from E-Devlet and bill (fatura)"
  • If the sponsor is not a Turkish citizen, "certificate of residence (yerleşim yeri belgesi) from E-Devlet and bill (fatura)"


  1. If you are staying in hotels, etc., a document stating that you are staying in these places and payment including the dates of your stay should be included in your file.


  1. The UETS address:

If you are applying for a renewal application, UETS address which is the national electronic notification system address should be included in your file.

How to obtain the UETS address:

  1. You can search as “PTT UETS (Ulusal Elektronik Tebligat Sistemi)” and download it from E-Devlet.

1. First, enable Two-Factor Authentication on E-Devlet by visiting: 

2. After setting up the authentication, log out of your E-Devlet account.

3. Next, access the UETS service through E-Devlet at:

4. Proceed to register a new account on UETS.

5. Once the account setup is complete, a document will appear. Save this document as a PDF or print it out directly.


  1. You can request and acquire it from the post offices.



  • After you have collected all the necessary documents, you have to visit International Office (Central Campus, Block A, 2nd Floor, Room 224) on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (09.30-17.00) to submit your documents. The files cannot be submitted on Thursdays due to it being the university’s day to submit the files to the Immigration Office.
  • The file should be submitted within the same week of application without waiting for the appointment date given by the Immigration Office.


  • NOTE:

To be an active student, make sure that:

  • You have no financial debt by contacting the financial affairs
  • You have chosen your courses for the current academic year and they have been approved.

Please visit the International Office (Central Campus, Block A, 2nd Floor, Room 224) on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday after you have collected all the necessary documents.


  1. You can call 157.
  2. You can check from the website and click the ‘’I Would Like to See My Application Result.’’
  3. If you still having a problem with the application result, please visit the International Office.


  1. All files must be submitted in Turkish.
  2. Turkish Language Course students have to apply for ''Language Course Visa'' from the embassy in their country, otherwise you will not be able to receive a residence permit.
  3. If you are under the age of 18, you have to enter Türkiye with an ‘’Education Visa’’ and in addition to all of the previously stated documents, you must also produce an authorization letter from your parents as well as your original birth certificate. (The authorization letter should be written by one of your parents and signed & approved by a legal authority or embassy of the student’s home country.)
  4. It's important to understand that being a registered student at the university is not the same as being an active student. (Student needs to complete the registration successfully, make course selections on time, and attend regularly for being considered an active student.)
  5. Application with an expired visa or overstaying than the granted duration may cause imposition. For this reason, student needs to be aware of documents’ expiry dates and be ready for renewal on time.
  6. Students who want to stay in Türkiye after graduation, can use their remaning time in their current permits and can apply again for short-term residence after it expires. During the graduation period, please keep contacting with your faculty to not miss the date.
  7. If the residence address has changed, the relevant matter should be reported to the Immigration Administration as soon as possible.
  8. While registering at our university, students must confirm with the relevant immigration office that their previous cards are active, and they are obliged to notify the authorized university personnel.
  9. Students who want to transfer to Üsküdar University must withdraw from their studies at their current universities first. Within 1 week after the cancellation, they have to register at our university and apply for a residence permit and for more details contact the International Office.
  10. Our university establishment is not responsible for residency refusal, it is evaluated and decided by the Immigration Office.

Dear Students,

According to the new policy, all students who complete the online residence permit application after November 29, 2023 must give their fingerprints at any immigration office and submit their documents to the International Relations Office.

  1. Before applying please find the statement "Required Documents for the Student Residence Permit Application" above to check the needed documents to be collected.
  2. Be sure to have your file include your fingerprint ID.
  3. Please do not forget to write your valid e-mail address and valid phone number in your application form to receive all of the notifications from the Immigration Office. (Your phone number and e-mail address are written on the 2nd page of your application form. Please do not forget to check.)
  4. Do not forget to keep on tracking your residence permit process.

We would be glad to guide you throughout the application process, please feel free to reach us by communication channels.

Wish you the best for your new journey!

Best regards,
Üsküdar University
International Admission and Communication Office