Let's Look at Üsküdar University!

Üsküdar University offers a unique education in behavioral sciences and health.

Üsküdar University, was founded under the leadership of Psychiatrist Prof. Nevzat Tarhan, offers students the opportunity to education and academic study with a multidisciplinary understanding of medicine, communication, health sciences, engineering and natural sciences, human and social sciences.

Üsküdar University offers high quality education by prominent academicians of Turkey field of Behavioral Sciences and Health Science such as engineering, psychology and psychiatry and continues its investments and works to become the best university in the field.

There are five faculties, a vocational school of health services and five institutes at Üsküdar University. They are as follow; Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Vocational School of Health Services, Addiction and Forensic Sciences, Social Sciences, Science and Health Sciences.

R&D Studies and Clinical Application

Üsküdar University offers theoretical and practical applications. Students who study in 3 different campuses located in Üsküdar district benefit from all the laboratories as much as they want, and they can perform clinical applications in NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital, NP Feneryolu Medical Center and NP Etiler Medical Center in Ümraniye.

Students at Üsküdar University also have the opportunity to do double major and minor programs. Under “University Culture” courses, the students come together with the managers of the brands and benefit from their knowledge and experience. With “Project Culture” courses, the students learn how to write a project. The students has the opportunity to implement projects in BRAINPARK Incubation Center. All students are given “Communication Skills” and ”Positive Psychology”. Thus, students are taught social success and science of happiness.