Application Results of Candidates who Applied to the Institute of Sciences for the 2022-2023 Academic Year Spring Semester

The evaluation of the candidates applying to the Institute of Sciences for the 2022-2023 Academic Year Spring Semester has been reviewed by the Student Admissions Commission, and the list of students who have been granted the right to enroll is below. The student candidates on the list have to register online or face-to-face until 23rd of January, 2023, 12:00. Unfortunately after this time the mentioned students will not be able to register.

The List of Students who have enrolled
1 MAZ** JAB*** LAT** ZUH**** Computer Engineering (English) Thesis Eligible
2 AL* HAM*** FAL** AL-OM**** Computer Engineering (English) Thesis Eligible
3 HO*** ZI* Bioengineering (English) Thesis Eligible
4 RAW*** ALS****** MUH***** ABD******* Bioengineering (English) Thesis Eligible
5 GUN*** MAH****** Bioengineering (Turkish) Thesis Reserve
6 SAM* AKB******* Biotechnology (Turkish) Non-Thesis Eligible
7 GUN*** MAH****** Biotechnology (Turkish) Non-Thesis Eligible
8 IBR**** ABD***** RAM*** MOH***** Electrical - Electronic Engineering (English) Thesis Eligible
9 ROS*** HAR*** Molecular Biology (English) Thesis Eligible
10 HAS** ABD******* KHA**** ALG****** Molecular Biology (English) Thesis Eligible
11 ROS*** HAR*** Molecular Biology (English) Non-Thesis Reserve
12 SAM* AKB******* Molecular Biology (Turkish) Non-Thesis Reserve
13 YAS*** SHE**** Engineering Management (English) Thesis Eligible
14 JAB** SUL***** OMA* YOU*** ALF**** Engineering Management (English) Thesis Eligible
15 FAT******* EMH**** MOH**** ELN***** Engineering Management (English) Thesis Eligible
16 EY* SER** Engineering Management (English) Thesis Eligible
17 QUT***** NID** MOU** BAD*** Engineering Management (English) Non-Thesis Eligible
18 HUD* MOH***** SAL** Artificial Intelligence Engineering (Turkish) Thesis Eligible


Please read carefully the important notes below:

Note 1: Students who do not want to continue the registration process should get in touch with us and report us.

Note 2: The applications of those students who haven't completed the application from international application website ( will be invalid. If a student has an application code which starts with USK it means he/she has already applied.

Note 3: In order to complete the registration process the whole tuition fee for the program should be paid in advance. Kindly find the price list below:

Note 4: Students who can not come to Türkiye for registration can send an e-mail with application code and payment receipts to for online registration.
Note 5: The required documents for registration are as follows:

  1. Passport, passport photo
  2. Bank receipt of the application and registration fees
  3. Original university graduation certificate (must be officially translated in English or Turkish) Original university transcripts for four years (must be officially translated in English or Turkish).
  4. TOMER Certificate for the students who are going to study in Turkish Programs.
  5. Recognition of Foreign Higher Education Diploma.

For any further questions please contact e-mail address.
Best Regards,
Üsküdar University
International Relations Directorate
International Communication and Admission Office