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Enjoy the privilege of studying Turkey
For foreign students, Turkey becoming more important and attractive country every day. Among the biggest reasons for this situation is the increasing number of educational institutions and presenting a world-class university education.
Why does Turkey attractive for education?
Turkey, especially in recent years, Turkey attracts the attention of both international students and Turkish who live in outland. Today, Turkey number of foreign students in university education has reached 143 thousand students.
The increasing number of universities, developing educational infrastructure with new investments, quality education vision, shelter friendliness, offered loans and scholarships for education going training and the working life in Turkey makes it more attractive.
The number of international students is increasing
Turkey's relations with other countries, international position and accomplishments, investments and improvements in health and education in particular play an important role in academic training to become a center of attraction in the area.
Üsküdar University offers quality education
Turkey is a country of peace and safe, high-quality educational options comes first among the causes of international students prefer. Thus, the number of international students in universities in our country is increasing every year. Üsküdar University also prepares students from different parts of the world equipped with a strong academic staff and high quality education in behavioral sciences and health.