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To Choose Üsküdar University

We know how much you have studied to become a “college student”. Now, it's almost time to be in the place you deserve and change the World through understanding human origin. That's why you are HERE! Don’t forget that life is about choices. 

1. You are HERE to become a part of Turkey’s first behavioral and health sciences University. 

We are the first thematic University in the fields of behavioral and health sciences with a solid infrastructure. We have a multidisciplinary understanding as a University that is specialized in the field of Health and Behavioral Sciences.

2. You are HERE to explore the city while residing at the center of it.

It is very easy to explore Istanbul from our campuses as they are located in the most central areas of Üsküdar. You are always connected to the city as you will have access to great transportation opportunities.

3. You are HERE for a techno-entrepreneurial University that combines technology and health.

We are pioneering advanced and new approaches that combine technology and mental health through our clinical knowledge in Neuropsychiatric and Magnetic Stimulation Therapies. 

4. You are HERE to access all the resources in our library.

Through our library with extensive archive; we offer knowledge by easily accessible facilities for our students and our academic and administrative staff. Moreover, if you cannot find the book you are looking for in the libraries of Üsküdar University, that book can be borrowed from any other university in Turkey.

5. You are HERE to explore the first University that started studies in Neuromarketing in Turkey. 

Üsküdar University started the Neuromarketing Graduate Program as of February 2014.

6. You are HERE to be the student of a university having the power employment through university-hospital cooperation. 

We provide employment opportunities for our students in NPIstanbul Brain Hospital as it is the first and only neuropsychiatry hospital in Turkey. 

7. You are HERE to take Project Culture and Entrepreneurship course with KOSGEB career advantage. 

Within the scope of KOSGEB and University cooperation; undergraduate students receive “Project Culture and Entrepreneurship” course in Üsküdar University. Thus, students are much more advantageous in many aspects from the production to implementation of the projects.

8. You are HERE for Erasmus.

Üsküdar University augments Erasmus agreements with universities abroad. Our University— performed its last agreement with the University of Worcester, UK—has more agreements than any other universities in Turkey.

9. You are HERE to be the student of the faculty member who has the patent of schizophrenia drug. 

We value R&D, techno-entrepreneurship, incubation center science supply, patent production and participation of science in production through technoparks. Many precious academicians who are experts in their fields, including the faculty member who has the patent of the schizophrenia drug, are with us! 

10. You are HERE for the University that is the first implementer of Positive Psychology in Turkey. 

Positive Psychology aims to lead people in order to obtain a productive and happy life by highlighting the individual's strengths, abilities, personality and positive features. Üsküdar University is the first implementer of this branch in Turkey.  

11. You are HERE to attend the only University that made a presentation at 2015 G20 Summit in the name of Brain Initiative works.

Üsküdar University represents Turkey in Brain Initiative Project that launched in 2013 by the U.S.A. Former President Barack Obama initiated this project to develop treatment and study the unknown secrets of the brain and major diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, Autism, Schizophrenia and Parkinson's disease. Üskğdar University is the only University in Turkey that attended the G20 World Brain Mapping and Therapeutics Scientific Summit.

12. You are HERE to be a student of the faculty member who was re-elected for UN International Narcotics Control Board.

Sevil Atasoy who was re-elected for UN International Narcotics Control Board is in Üsküdar University. 

13. You are HERE for implementation and internship facilities.

We direct our students as an intern in the relevant field in connection with their education and we are their biggest helpers during the internship period.

14. You're HERE because we're the leading University in "Perfect Medicine".

We're the leading University in "Perfect Medicine" that aims to reach the highest efficiency in treatment by considering person's genetic structure, environmental factors and lifestyle differences.

15. You are HERE to witness Prof. Dr. Nevzat TARHAN’s projects about life. 

The founding rector of our University is Prof. Dr. Nevzat TARHAN who has more than 100 publications including 31 international publications. He is also the chairman of Board of Directors of NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital that is the first neuropsychiatry hospital of Turkey.

16. You are HERE to receive training in Turkey’s first personalized treatment and advanced toxicology laboratories.

Üsküdar University Advanced Toxicology Analysis Laboratory received “ISO 17025 accreditation” after successful documentation and site inspections that started in September 2015. 

17. You are HERE for a University that operates in the international arena by its Center in Germany. 

Üsküdar University and NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital bring their services in the field of education-health to the international arena. Within this context, first initiation was realized in Cologne, Germany.

18. You are HERE for Turkey’s first and only Postcolonial Studies Application and Research Center (PAMER).

Turkey’s first Postcolonial Studies Application and Research Center (PAMER) was established in Üsküdar University, being the first and only thematic University in the field of Behavioral Sciences and Health. The manager of PAMER who aims to contribute to the formation of information systems that will provide an alternative to the production of the one and only western origin acceptable information is Merve Kavakçı. 

19. You are HERE for the one and only University that has Institute of Sufi Studies.

With 'Understanding Human' approach, Üsküdar University aims to increase the level of training qualified people through training Sufism being a preliminary step for people to know, to find and to experience global human values. 

20. You are HERE for the leading University in CRISPR/Cas9 Gen Engineering.

CRISPR-Cas9 application using the CRISPR-Cas9 technique based on improving cancer therapies with T cells of voluntary patients is in Üsküdar University for the first time in Turkey. Üsküdar University aims to teach the method practically to the Turkish scientific community.