Study In Istanbul

İstanbul: The City Which Connects Two Continents

Today in Turkey, almost every city has a university. Located university’s city has also great importance when choosing a university for education. Istanbul, which serves as a bridge between of Europe and Asia, presents the social, cultural opportunities and due to the high number of choices in business life, it ranks first among the most preferred cities for students.


Heart of Economy Beats in İstanbul

Istanbul, which attracts attention as the heart of the economy as well as its cultural and historical texture, also has culture, art and sports activities, concerts, widespread and convenient transportation network, city and campus universities and a colorful city for students.


Internship Opportunities for Students

Turkey’s most important universities located in İstanbul. İstanbul is also hosting important international institutions and brands for the business world. Students, who study in Istanbul, have the opportunity to do internship and job opportunities in companies related to the field of education. Üsküdar University located in Üsküdar, which is one of the oldest districts of Istanbul. Üsküdar University offers quality education to its students, with respectable academic staff.


Üsküdar University Has 412 Erasmus Agreements

Üsküdar University provides its students to study in abroad due to Erasmus agreements. Today as Üsküdar University has 412 Erasmus Agreements. Worcester University was the recent university which we have the agreement with.