Emergency and Disaster Management (Turkish)

Oral and Dental Health (EP) (Turkish)

Oral and Dental Health (Turkish)

Operation Room Services (EP) (Turkish)

Operation Room Services (Turkish)

Anesthesia (EP) (Turkish)

Anesthesia (Turkish)

Biomedical Equipment Technology (Turkish)

Environmental Health (Turkish)

Child Development (EP) (Turkish)

Child Development (Turkish)

Child Care and Protection Services (Turkish)

Dental Prosthetic Technology (EP) (Turkish)

Dental Prosthetic Technology (Turkish)

Dialysis (EP) (Turkish)

Dialysis (Turkish)

Pharmacy Services (EP) (Turkish)

Pharmacy Services (Turkish)

Electroneurophysiology (EP) (Turkish)

Electroneurophysiology (Turkish)

Disabled Care and Rehabilitation (Turkish)

Patient Care at Home (Turkish)

Physiotherapy (EP) (Turkish)

Physiotherapy (Turkish)

Food Technology (Turkish)

First Aid and Emergency (EP) (Turkish)

First Aid and Emergency (Turkish)

Work Health and Safety (EP) (Turkish)

Work Health and Safety (Turkish)

Laboratory Technology (Turkish)

Nuclear Technology and Radiation Safety (Turkish)

Audiometry (EP)  (Turkish)

Audiometry (Turkish)

Opticianry (EP) (Turkish)

Opticianry (Turkish)

Orthopedic Prosthetics and Orthotics (Turkish)

Autopsy Asistant (Turkish)

Pathology Laboratory Techniques (Turkish)

Perfusion Techniques (EP) (Turkish)

Perfusion Techniques (Turkish)

Radiotherapy (Turkish)

Health Information Systems Technician (Turkish)

Health Establishments Management (EP) (Turkish)

Health Establishments Management (Turkish)

Social Security (Turkish)

Social Services (EP) (Turkish)

Social Services (Turkish)

Medical Documentation and Secretarial (EP) (Turkish)

Medical Documentation and Secretarial (Turkish)

Medical Imaging Techniques (EP) (Turkish)

Medical Imaging Techniques (Turkish)

Medical Laboratory Techniques (Turkish)

Medical Presentation and Marketing (Turkish)

Medical and Aromatic Plants (Turkish)

Elderly Care (Turkish)

*EP: Evening Education