Üsküdar University Graduate Programs

Üsküdar University offers graduate programs for those who want to advance in their academic and professional careers and contribute to their personal development. Master's program students also have the opportunity to practice in NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital, NP Etiler and Feneryolu Medical Centers and laboratories.

Master in Üsküdar

Master's education are designed in two different methods as with-thesis and without thesis programs. For the admission of the international students, it is an important criterion to have the necessary undergraduate GPA and a suitable educational background for the related program. Students who do not have a bachelor's degree in the field related to the program they applied for are prepared for their field of study through scientific preparation courses. Master's programs with thesis are completed in 4 semesters, including the thesis preperation period. Non-thesis master's programs take place in a period of 2 semesters.