25.09.2019 Placement Exam Results

Dear Students,

According to the Placement, exam results students who got 50 and over can attend the Proficiency exam which is going to be held on 26th-27th September 2019 at 09:30 at Uskudar University Merkez Campus B Block Foreign Languages Department Preparatory School. Be here at 09:oo o’clock. Students without official ID cards or Passports can not enter into the exam.

The students who got below 50 can not enter the Proficiency exam but placed into the classrooms according to their placement exam results.

All of the preparatory students should be at school on September 30th, 2019 at 09:00 o’clock at Nermin Tarhan Conference Hall for the students' Orientation program.

Have a successful year.

25/09/2019 14:24