Application Results of Candidates with Turkish Citizenship or Blue Card who Apply to the Faculty of Medicine in the 2021-2022 Academic Year

The evaluation of the candidates applying to the Faculty of Medicine for the 2021-2022 Academic Year has been reviewed by the International Student Admissions Commission, and the list of students who have been granted the right to enroll is below. The student candidates on the list have to register online or face-to-face until 27.08.2021, and the candidates in the reserve list will be given the right to register according to their diploma score for the quota vacant from the candidates who do not register until this date.


Medicine (English)

1 ZEH** TEM** Medicine (English)
2 IDR** DEM** Medicine (English)
3 BIL** YIL** Medicine (English)
4 SÜM** DEM** Medicine (English)


Medicine (Turkish)

1 ALE** MER** Medicine (Turkish)
2 MUS** KUR** Medicine (Turkish)
3 CEM** DUM** Medicine (Turkish)
4 ESL** YAL** Medicine (Turkish)
5 ESM** YAL** Medicine (Turkish)
6 ALE** YIL** Medicine (Turkish)


23/08/2021 14:16