16.10.2018 Placement & Proficiency Exams (ONLY late-registered students)

Dear Students,

On 16th October 2018, Tuesday, Placement Exam will be held for ONLY late-registered students and those whose petitions are accepted.
Those who do not attend the exam will be enrolled to the lowest level class.

Proficiency Exam for those who are successful will be held on the same day in the afternoon.

The time, venue and up-to-date lists of the exams will be announced on another post latest on 15th October, Monday at 17.00.

Be present half an hour early at the campus.
Have a pencil and an eraser on you.
Have your Uskudar University ID Cards / Student Certificate on you or you cannot take the exam.
30 minutes after the exam starts no one will be allowed in the exam halls.

10/10/2018 09:05